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By CaribSea 

In closed systems, carbonate is consumed both as a buffer to neutralize organic acids, and combines with calcium for coral and coralline algae growth. The aragonite in aragaMILK, TM supplies calcium and other major and minor trace elements plus time release carbonate ions in a safe balanced form. Now “Improved Formula” aragaMILK, TM also contains an additional bicarbonate buffer to meet the immediate buffering demands of excess organic acids. aragaMILK, TM is a great way to safely “push” normal seawater values of calcium and alkalinity to accelerate coral and coralline algae growth.

The perfect alkalinity booster because...

aragaMILK, TM has a full pound of buffer in every 16 fluid ounce bottle. This buffer comes in two forms: a bicarbonate for immediate response, plus carbonate from aragonite. This second form makes for a safer, time-release buffer, over 2-3 days, for long term security without the wild pH swings that can stress your tank inhabitants.

The perfect calcium supplement because...

aragaMILK, TM has enough calcium in each 16 fluid ounce bottle to grow a full 1/2 pound of coral. All this calcium in a non-caustic aragonite form. With regular use, aragaMILK, TM will help you maintain steady, high calcium levels with ease. No pre-mixing, no balancing act.

The perfect trace element additive because...

Coral skeletons are made of aragonite. aragaMILK, TM not only has strontium, magnesium, barium, and potassium, but every single major and minor trace element found in coral skeletons, and in all the right proportions.

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