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Ti-Ground is constructed from commercially pure titanium, which is non-corrosive and harmless to your aquarium inhabitants.

Fish and other aquatic organisms, both freshwater and marine, have evolved for millions of years in a natural electrically grounded environment. Since many of the fishes physiological functions (e.g. lateral line system) are electrical in nature, one could assume that a certain degree of stress would result by placing the fish in an ungrounded environment, such as an aquarium. The presence of low induced voltages in aquariums (especially marine) from close contact to unshielded equipment (powerheads, heaters, lights, etc.) is also cause for concern. Many have suggested that Lateral Line / Hole in the Head (LLHH) disease is caused by or aggrivated by these induced voltages. Ti-Ground effectively provides a pathway for these electrical currents to leave your aquarium.


Ti-Ground is not designed to protect you or your aquarium inhabitants from voltage leaks resulting from defective electrical equipment or human error. We strongly recommend that all electrical aquarium equipment be plugged into a ground fault interruptor (GFI) circuit.

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