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By Medusa 

Medusa temperature controllers accurately control either air or water temperatures between the range of 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (0C-32C). The temperature range of the HC-100 and TC-200 make them especially suitable for aquarium use. The HC-100 (dual stage model) controls a heater AND a chiller and the TC-200 (single stage model) controls either a heater OR a chiller while giving a continuous digital readout of the temperature. An audible alarm sounds when the temperature varies 3 degrees above or below the set point or if the temperature sensor fails. This feature sets Medusa controllers apart from other controllers by warning you before serious damage from high or low temperature occurs. Medusa controllers are simple to install. Just plug your heater and/or chiller into the receptacle on the bottom of the controller and program the desired aquarium temperature for complete temperature control.

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