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COPPER (55 TESTS) Model Comparison   

By Red Sea 

The only way to give a Copper treatment that is both safe and effective, is to test the Copper level daily with a reliable kit and to add more treatment to the recommended dosage as necessary.

Only Copper ions are effective against parasites! By using Red Sea’s Mini-Lab you are able to accurately maintain the therapeutic level of Copper ions. Chelated Copper has little or no effect.

Copper – As a harmful substance

Although it is a good treatment for fish parasites, Copper is very toxic to invertebrates. ParaCure should therefore never be used in the presence of invertebrates.

Tap water is known to contain Copper in certain areas. This amount could be harmful to your aquarium (especially to a reef aquarium), when you use it for changing water. This Copper Mini Lab enables you to check if any Copper is present in your water supply. An amount of 0.1 mg. per liter (0.1 ppm) can already be harmful to marine invertebrates

Test Range: 0-.4ppm

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