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By K2R 

K2R Calcium Reactor
This stand alone design has a built-in bubble counter assembly, meaning you simply add media, plug in your CO2 supply and you're ready to go! Your K2R can be set up in 10 minutes and the highly detailed owner's manual makes setup and operation all the more easy to understand. NOTE: requires CO2 Kit and Reactor Media.

- 19 1/2" x 8"
- for tanks up to 450 gallons

Key Benefits
- All acrylic construction
- Reliable Eheim recirculation pump - extremely energy efficient 5W pump.
- Virtually silent operation
- Small 8"x8" footprint
- 19" height allows placement in even short tank stands
- Water tight o-ring top seal
- Easy servicing - unit completely disassembles
- Handles up to 450 gal. systems
* Additional Handling charges apply due to weight/size.

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