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By Knop 

KNOP-Calcium Reactors - for stable aquarium conditions
size: 17"L x 6"W x 20"H

KNOP Calcium Reactors increase the carbonate hardness in your aquarium and stabilize the pH value. Additionally, KNOP Calcium Reactors supply your tank water with calcium and a variety of important elements that are contained in the filling substrate Click here for reactor media.

KNOP KORALlith. This is important for the growth of stony corals, giant clams and corallin algae, but also for all soft corals that form calcarous sklerites in their tissue. All KNOP Calcium Reactors are completely equipped with pump, bubble counter and CO2 check valve. All models can be operated beside or under the aquarium and require low maintenance.

  MODEL C - Up to 200 gal. Knop Model C's dimension = 19-inches x 11-1/2-inches x 2-1/2-inches. $315.00
  MODEL HD - up to 400 gallons $595.00