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By Precision Marine 

Are you struggling to maintain your Calcium & Alkalinity Levels? Tired of mixing Kalkwasser and adding Buffers? A Precision Marine Calcium Reactor is just the ticket!

- Compact Sizes
- Crystal Clear Bubble Counter w/threaded check valve
- Silent Eheim water pump-2 year warranty
- Micro-adjustable Polypropylene Valve
- Open access to reaction chamber
- Quality fittings throughout
- 2 sizes available


The Precision Marine Systems Calcium Reactor is, well……..for lack of better terms….trick, and well worth waiting for. This component will make an outstanding addition to your system. Some important features to consider when choosing a Calcium Reactor.......

2 sizes available
Not all aquariums require a 6" diameter reactor. You can choose between a 4" and a 6".

Compact size, and if required, fully submersible
The Precision Marine calcium reactor has an amazingly small footprint compared with others of the same size. If you plan on placing this filter inside your cabinet, this may be an issue.

Crystal clear bubble counter
In contrast with other models, this bubble counter is made from crystal clear cast acrylic, not PVC.

Polypropylene micro-adjustable valve
The water leaving the Precision Marine reactor is controlled with a trick miniature valve threaded into the lid of the reactor....not a cheesy valve dangling at the end of an airline tube. Don't laugh, this is what most of them are supplied with. A bit much to swallow considering what most charge for this type of filter?

Silent Eheim Recirculating water pump included
The European-made Eheim water pump is a proven pump designed to run trouble-free and silent, 24 hours per day. Includes 2 yr warranty.

Wide-open access to reaction chamber
ALL calcium reactors require maintenance approximately 3-4 times per year. It is very difficult to access the interior of a reactor with an opening smaller than the diameter of the reaction tube. This feature is very important, and will only be appreciated as one attempts to pour wet media into the top without getting it everywhere but inside.

Color-coded lines
The water lines in and out of the reactor are color-coded Polypropylene. This simplifies installation.

Quality fittings
All the fitting used on all of Precision Marine filters are high-quality SPEARS brand. The unions are super-smooth Schedule 80 (grey).

* Additional Handling charges apply due to weight/size.
  CR622 - Overall Height: 22" | Reaction Tube Diameter: 6" | Reaction Tube Height: 18" | Base Diameter: 10 1/2" x 11" | Water inlet and outlet size: 1/4" Polypropylene tubing | Method of feeding: Gravity or Pressure | Recommended Capacity: 700 gallons | Supplied Water Pump: Eheim 1250 $445.00
  CR422 - Overall Height: 22" | Reaction Tube Diameter: 4" | Reaction Tube Height: 18" | Base Diameter: 8"x 9" | Water inlet and outlet size: 1/4" Polypropylene tubing | Method of feeding: Gravity or Pressure | Recommended Capacity: 400 gallons | Supplied Water Pump: Eheim 1048 $339.00