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INLINE OR SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS DP-385 Performance Curve    DP-1200 Performance Curve   

By Dolphin 

DP Series Submersible or In Line Pumps

Pond/Tank Master series pumps are UL listed and come with a full one or two year warranty. The motors are all thermally protected, epoxy filled, and extra length grounded cords are standard in every unit. The impellers are all impact/shatter resistant and are balanced to a powerful magnet to maximize performance and minimize vibration. For it's chemical resistant properties, all impeller shafts are made out of ceramic or titanium.

Pond/ ank Master series magnetic drive pumps draw very little electricity (only 3 to 140 watts, depending on the model), take up very little space (models range from 2 to 9 inches in length), and they make very little noise (no bearings or fans that make extra noise).

The DP-385 draws 25 watts, marine & reef safe. Max flow = 385 GPH, Max pressure = 9', two year warranty.

The DP 560 is an excellent choice for your 55 - 65 gallon aquarium whether it is Fresh, Marine, or a Reef. Ceramic/Bone Shaft, Clutch less impeller with coated magnet, in line or submerged, 10' grounded cord, Draws 50 Watts. Max Flow = 560 GPH, Max Pressure = 9.25'. 1" Hose Barb or FPT inlet & 3/4" Hose Barb or 1/2" FPT outlet. Max Dimensions: L = 7.5", W = 4", H = 6". Two year warranty plus two year extended service guarantee.

The DP 1200 is the largest of the DP Series pumps at this time. This pump generates excellent flow & pressure. Max Flow = 20.2 GPM, Max Pressure = 19.75', Max Watts = 140. This pump also features a balanced ceramic shaft, Single Piece Coated impeller, 15' grounded cord & more. 1" Hose barb or FPT inlet & a 3/4" Hose barb or 1/2" FPT outlet. Max Dimensions: L = 9", W = 6", H = 7.75". Two Year Warranty with a two year factory service guarantee.

* Additional Handling charges apply due to weight/size.
  DP-385 @ 360 GPH

  DP-560 @ 525 GPH

  DP-800 @ 725 GPH

  DP-1200 @ 1140 GPH