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EXTERNAL PUMP Model Comparison    Flow vs. TDH Chart   

By Iwaki 

Iwaki Walchem magnetic drive pumps will run longer, quieter and cooler than any traditional mag drive.

Extraordinarily high efficiencies make the MD series the clear choice in almost every process, recirculation or transfer application.

Unique internal Cooling Circuit - Creates a positive, forced cooling path, lubricating bearing surfaces and actively purging gases & heat. Unique double bearing system allows cooling circuit liquid to continually "wash" front and rear radial bearings, extending bearing life.

Precision Tolerances - Pumps can be supplied with alumina ceramic or SiC spindles, bored, turned and highly polished. This precision machined spindle forms the center of the driven magnet. Substantially reduced hydraulic noise is a major feature of all WMD/MD impellers.

Bearings/Thrust surfaces - High lubricity fluoropolymer bearings minimize mechanical losses typical of conventional mag drive pumps. High purity SiC radial bearings handle the most aggressive ultrapure chemistries. PTFE front thrust surface aids hydraulic balance and minimizes flashing. Large rear thrust surface guards against axial forces caused by cavitation or gas entrapment.

* Additional Handling charges apply due to weight/size.
  MD 20 RLT - 420 gph @ 4' $155.00
  MD 20 RLXT - 540 gph @ 4' $164.00
  MD 30 RLT - 510 gph @ 4' $203.00
  MD 30 RLXT - 960 gph @ 4' $203.00
  MD 40 RLT - 750 gph @ 4' $255.00
  MD 40 RLXT - 1200 gph @ 4' $255.00
  MD 55 RLT - 1080 gph @ 4' $257.00
  MD 70 RLT - 1500 gph @ 4' $279.00
  MD 100 RLT - 2000 gph @ 4' $345.00