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B-IONIC Results of Additive Chart   


B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System

B-Ionic Calcium Buffer is the original, unique, easy to use, two-component liquid supplement system. When using equal volumes of each component, the aquarist can easily maintain calcium and alkalinity levels with no mixing powders, disruption of ionic balance, or addition of organic chemicals

B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System does not contain phosphates or nitrates. In addition to supplying highly concentrated calcium and carbonate alkalinity required for calcification, B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System also provides all other important major, minor, and trace elements in the proper ratios to duplicate the composition of natural seawater. As a result, B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System will help restore inorganic ions lost from protein skimming and help maintain the ionic balance of the aquarium water.

The following chart illustrates the many advantages of B-Ionic Calcium Buffer over other forms of calcium and alkalinity supplements:

Our recommended starting dose is 1 ml. of each component per 4 gallons of aquarium capacity per day. Maintain alkalinity between 3.0 and 3.75 meq/liter (8.4 and 10.5 dKH) by testing daily and adjusting dose accordingly. Depending on the degree of calcification occurring in the aquarium, dose may have to be significantly increased over our recommended starting dose. Never add more than 1 ml. per gallon of each component in a 24 hour period, and never allow pH to rise above 8.45. Once the proper dose has been determined for your aquarium, testing can be performed less frequently. If your aquarium tends to run at a higher pH (over 8.45) we suggest you try our B-Ionic Calcium Bicarbonate System. When using kalkwasser in addition to B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System, follow the above procedure but start with 1 ml of each component per 8 gallons of aquarium capacity per day. For more detailed directions please refer to our product label.

Component #1 - Carbonate Alkalinity: 2800 meq/liter (7840 dKH). 1 ml per gallon of aquarium water will raise alkalinity by 0.74 meq/liter (2.07 dKH).

Component #2 - Calcium Concentration: 54,000 ppm calcium ion. 1 ml per gallon of aquarium water will raise calcium concentration by 16ppm.

B-Ionic Calcium Buffer Concentrate

B-Ionic Calcium Buffer Concentrate is a more economical form of our ready-to-use B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System. Component 1 and Component 2 are packaged in the same gallon bottles as the ready-to-use formulation, but are only half full with concentrated material. To make ready-to-use material, the aquarist adds the appropriate amount of reverse osmosis and/or deionized water to each bottle. Complete instructions are included.

The charges for shipping B-Ionic Calcium Buffer Concentrate are approximately 45% lower than the ready-to-use product.

* Additional Handling charges apply due to weight/size.
  B-IONIC 32 OZ SET $10.75
  B-IONIC 64 OZ SET $13.50
  B-IONIC 2 GALLON CONCENTRATE - Dropships from Factory. Allow 2 weeks to arrive via freight $29.99
  B-IONIC 8 GALLON CONCENTRATE - Dropships from Factory. Allow 2 weeks to arrive via freight. $79.25