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At Island Aquatics, we work to bring you the best information available to help you maintain your reef tank, and assist in your purchasing decisions. If you have an informative article that you would like to publish on our site, please feel free to contact us!

Informative Articles:

After reading up on how to manage your aquarium, don't forget to check out our great products:
Our inventory of fish tank supplies includes, specialized aquarium lighting, aquarium pumps, aquarium heaters, chillers, protein skimmers and calcium reactors.

    We also have a huge selection of aquarium pumps from Iwaki, Won and Mag Drive to Rio that can deliver the proper circulation to your exotic creatures. Click on our model comparison and flow diagram pages for complete information on each model.
    If you are looking for a solution to cool or heat your saltwater aquarium, please check out the information found on our aquarium heaters and aquarium chillers page.
    Maintaining a system that is as nutrient-free as possible is the goal of most saltwater aquarium hobbyists and many have come to accept the fact that protein skimmers are a necessity in any saltwater aquarium system. Island Aqautics carries a full line of protein skimmers and can help you choose the one that is right for you.
    For many reef aquarium hobbyists, dosing of required aquarium supplements presents it's own set of chores and headaches. Calcium reactors are an excellent choice for hobbyists who do not want to deal with the daily dosing of saltwater aquarium additives and supplements. Calcium reactors will enrich the water quality of your reef aquarium. They replace calcium and alkalinity supplements maximizing the growth of corals. Calcium reactors will also greatly increase the growth of coralline algae.